Save Excel 2007 workbook as PDF file

You can now convert Excel 2007 files directly to PDF format without the need for a third party software. However to be able to do that you need to download and install Microsoft Office “Save as PDF” Add-in (SaveAsPDF.exe) from Microsoft web site.

Check SaveAsPDF.EXE download page Here.

After the add-in is installed:

1. Click the Office button in Excel 2007.
2. Point to Save As then click PDF or XPS.


3. The window Publish as PDF or XPS will open.
4. In the Save as type drop down select PDF.
5. Click the Publish button.

How to automatically save a backup copy of a workbook

Excel has a feature called AutoRecover that allows you to save a workbook automatically at a preset time interval. Every time a file is saved, a backup copy will first be saved using the previously saved copy of the workbook, and the current information will be saved to the original workbook. Follow these steps to enable AutoRecover.

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. Click on the Save tab.
3. Select the Save AutoRecover info every check box.
4. In the minutes box, type or select a number to specify the interval for how often you want to save files.

This way if there is a system failure, or Excel stops responding, the recovery file will be available the next time you restart Excel.

When you start Excel after a previous failure, you will see a document recovery pane at the left side of the screen and your original and recovered files will be listed there. You will then have the choice to select which one you want to keep.


1. The default location for the recovery file is as follows:

drive:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel
2. The file is saved with an extension of .xar and it has an arbitrary name that looks like this: ~ar7770.xar
3. “Application Data” is a hidden folder, and if you want to see it then you have to modify the folder options to show hidden files and folders.

Applies to: Excel 2003