How to attach a file to Excel 2007 workbook

It is fairly easy to  insert a file into an  Excel worksheet as an attachment. That file can be a word document, PowerPoint presentation or even another Excel workbook.

Follow these steps:

  1. In Excel Insert tab, Text group click Object.
  2. The Object window will open.
  3. Select Create from File tab.
  4. Select the check box Display as Icon.
  5. Click Browse and select the file you want to attach.
  6. The file will be shown on the worksheet as an icon.

How to create and use a workspace file

If you have a number of workbooks which you usually open together at the same time, then you can save those in a workspace file. This will allow you to later open all workbooks by opening the workspace file. You will also be able to resume work with the same window sizes, print areas, screen magnification, and display settings.

Follow these steps to create a workspace file:

  1. Open all the workbooks that you want to save in a workspace.
  2. Size and arrange the workbook windows as you want them to appear when you open the workspace.
  3. On the File menu, click Save Workspace. The “Save Workspace” window will open.
  4. Enter the name you want for the workspace then click Save.
  5. A workspace file will be created with the extension of xlw.
  6. To open the workspace click File, Open and select the workspace file.


  1. The work space file does not contain the workbooks themselves but only references and display information about the workbooks. If you want to make a backup copy for example then you have to copy the workbooks individually and not the workspace file.
  2. To close all the workbooks, press shift then click File, Close All.

Applies to: Excel 2003