How to search for a text in a formula or a comment

It may be interesting to know that the Find option in Excel Edit menu is not limited to finding cell values, but it can also be used to search for text in a formula or a comment.

To search for a text in a formula follow these steps.

1. In the Edit menu click Find.

2. The Find and Replace window will be shown.

3. There are three combo boxes that are labeled “Within”, “Search” and “Look in”. If those combo boxes are not shown then click on the Options command button to expand the “Find and Replace” window.

4. Click on “Look in” combo box and select Formulas.

5. Click on the Find All command button.

6. All cells that have formulas, and that contain the text searched for will be listed at the bottom of the window.


1. You can search for text in a comment in a similar way by changing your selection in the “Look in” combo box.

2. You can specify to search within one worksheet or the entire workbook, depending on your selection in the “Within” combo box..

Applies to Excel 2003