Introduction to Kingsoft office for Android

You can use Kingsoft office for Android (aka WPS office) to create Spreadsheets which are compatible with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Most of Excel functionality is available however you have to use a different user interface. This post is based on the phone version. The tablet version may be slightly different.

  1. Launch WPS Office by clicking the program icon.
  2. In the first screen click the Open icon.
  3. From the listed file types select XLS.
  4. A list of available files will be shown. Select your file.
  5. Click on the Tools icon at the bottom of the screen to reveal the spreadsheet menu. The menu consists of the following tabs:
    • File
    • View
    • Format
    • Cell
    • Insert
    • Data
    • Review

In the coming posts we will first give a quick description of each one of these tabs and it is individual functions. Later on we can go into a detailed how-to posts on WPS office for android.