New dynamic yearly calendar

I have added to the downloads page a new dynamic yearly calendar template.  You access the calendar through a user form which has two combo boxes: the first one to specify the year and the second  to select the start date of the week. You can generate a calendar by selecting any year between 2010 and 2030. You can also enter the year through the keyboard if it is not in the list. Each selection will trigger a macro that will generate the calendar. Here are a few notes to consider:

  1. The calendar is compatible with Excel 2007 and 2010.
  2. You may receive a warning message that macros are disabled. You have to enable macros for this template to work properly.
  3. The “Calendar”  sheet is protected to avoid accidental change of data and formulas. If you want to make some changes, like formatting for example, then you can unprotect the sheet. Make sure however that you don’t change any formulas.
  4. You can print the calendar just like any other Excel worksheet. To avoid having the sheet split in two pages for any reason , make sure that in page layout settings you have the Scaling set to “Fit sheet on one page”.

Your feedback is appreciated.



  1. I am getting an error when i try to open the file “Unable to get the Weekday property of the Worksheet function class”.

    • which version of excel are you using ?
      Try pressing control key and q to get the input form, then select a year.