How to print comments in Excel 2007

To print comments in Excel 2007:

1. Show all comments or just the comments you want to print. How?

2. In the Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, click the dialog box launcher (see the mouse pointer in the image below).


3. The Page Setup window will open.

4. Click on the Sheet tab.


5. In the Comments box, select As displayed on sheet or At end of sheet depending on how you want to print the comments.

6. Click Print.


1. If you select As displayed on sheet, then only the comments that are shown will be printed. So make sure that your comments are shown on the worksheet first. How?

2. To see how comments are printed, you can click Print Preview before you click Print.


  1. thanks for the above but what if the comments secion appears greyed out?

    • If it is grayed that means the comments are not shown in your sheet. In the Review tab , Comments section, click “Show All Comments”.

  2. Is there any way, if I have formatted the comments text in various colors for coding purposes, that I can get them to print out in the color? Currently, they are losing all formatting and printing out in black and white.

    • If the comments are colored, then they should preserve the colors when printing.

      In the Page setup – sheet tab, there is a check box that says “Black and White”, Make sure that the check box is not selected.

  3. Just a little extra to this discussion:
    If you access the Page Setup dialog from the Page Layout ribbon bar (little icon at bottom right of the Page Setup section of the Page Layout ribbon), then you can choose to print or not print Comments in the Comments drop-down on the Sheet tab.
    if you go Office button | Print | Print Preview | Print Setup, then you get what looks like the identical Page Setup dialog, but (at least on mine) the Comments drop-down is always greyed-out and you can’t choose anything!! Looks like a bug in Excel to me. You have to access the dialog from the Ribbon, not from the Print Preview screen.

    • very helpful indeed, it really solved my problem and hopefully Microsoft should fix this

  4. @Mark Lockett,

    Thanks for that tip, I have exactly this issue, your method resolved this for me, cheers.

  5. You are welcome.

  6. Can you print comments at end of page and use a named range, instead of a cell address (e.g. “Expenses” instead of A7, etc.). Tried it, but still used the cell address.

  7. As far as I know you insert comments only for individual cells and not for named ranges. This will therefore apply to printing of comments.

  8. When I said “named range”, I actually meant just a single cell. I’m trying to avoid having to print the column & row headings necessary to find a cell address. In the meantime, I found a pretty neat solution by Dave Peterson, which replaces the triangle markers with rectangles, in which are sequential numbers that can be used to reference the comments; the only drawback is you have to use macros – which others may be wary to open. If anyone’s interested, he has 2 files – CommentNumbersPrint.xlsm and CommentNumbersPrint2007.xlsm. Thanks for your time.

  9. Thanks for the solution, it solved my problem. thanks again…

  10. bob smith says:

    Printing comments at the end of the document doesn’t preserve any of the formating, including colors, sizes, or background images. Thanks again, Microsoft for not using your own products.

  11. Tamisha says:

    I don’t want to print comments at all! Is this not an option???


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