How to insert current date in worksheet footer

To insert the current date in worksheet footer, follow these steps:

1. In the File menu click Page Setup. The Page Setup window will open.
2. Select the Header/Footer tab.
3. Click the Custom Footer button. The Footer window will open.


As you can notice the footer is divided into three sections; left, center and right. Above those sections there is a number of icons for page number, pages, date, time and more other icons.

To insert the current date:

1. Click on the section where you want the date to be inserted.
2. Click the Date icon footerdate.
3. The following code will be inserted in the selected footer section: “&[Date]”.
4. Click OK and you will see the current date in the preview window.
5. Click OK again to finish the dialog.


1. You can also go to Header/Footer by clicking  Header and Footer in the View menu.
2. Use File –> Print Preview to see how your footer will look like in the printer.
3. You can use a similar procedure to insert the date in the header if you want to.

Applies to: Excel 2003