Copy and paste data as a picture (image)

To copy and paste data as a picture (image) follow these steps:

1. Select the range you want to copy.
2. While holding down the SHIFT key, Click on the Edit menu.
3. Click Copy Picture.
4. Select a cell in the range where you want to paste the picture.
5. Click Paste Picture in the Edit menu ( while holding down the SHIFT key).

Copy Picture

Applies to: Excel 2003


  1. Francesco says:

    How can this feature work in Excel 2007. specifically, I want the linking back to the original range area in case data changes, i want the image updated. The shift key doesn’t seem to work in Excel 2007 for this copy picture feature.

  2. Neels Marais says:

    Ok, so how do you do this in exell 2010?

    • To see how to do it in Excel 2007 check this post.
      The difference in Excel 2010 is that in point 4 instead of seeing a text that say “As Picture” you will find a small icon named “Picture”.

  3. I am working in excel 2003. When I copy data from the excel spreasheet and I want to paste it onto a blank form including formulas. In the new form I go to paste special. The only option then is to paste it as a picture. There is no option to paste as an excel worksheet