How to insert page number in worksheet footer

To insert page number  in worksheet footer, follow these steps:

1. In the File menu click Page Setup. The Page Setup window will open.
2. Select the Header/Footer tab.
3. Click the Custom Footer button. The Footer window will open.


As you can notice the footer is divided into three sections; left, center and right. Above those sections there is a number of icons for page number, pages, date, time and more other icons.

To insert a page number:

1. Click on the section where you want the page number to be inserted.
2. Click the Page Number icon pagenos.
3. The following code will be inserted in the selected footer section: “&[Page]”.
4. Click OK and you will see the page number in the preview window.

If you want to add the number of pages so that your footer looks like this: “Page 1 of 5” then:

1. In the selected section type “Page “.
2. Click the Page Number icon to get the code “&[Page]” inserted.
3. Immediately after this code type ” of  “.
4. Click the Number of Pages iconNoOfPages.
5. Your final code will look like this: “Page &[Page] of &[Pages]”
6. Click OK.


1. You can also go to Header/Footer by clicking  Header and Footer in the View menu.
2. Use File –> Print Preview to see how your footer will look like in the printer.

Applies to: Excel 2003