How to link to values in another worksheet / workbook

    If you want data from one worksheet to be linked to, or shown in another worksheet then follow these steps:

    1. In the sheet you want to link to (source) select the cell where the value is.
    2. Right click and select Copy.
    3. In your main sheet (target), select the cell where the value is to be displayed.
    4. Right click and select Paste Special.
    5. When the dialog box appear click on the Paste Link button.
    6. The value in the source sheet will now be reflected in the target sheet.
    7. Every time the source sheet is updated, the target sheet will also be updated with the new values.
    8. The same procedure can be applied to link to data in another workbook.

    Applies to : Excel 2003


    1. You are awesome! Just the right information for me, I greatly appreciated it.
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    2. Christian Mercado says:

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    3. Thnk this was helpful to me however
      when i type some data in source sheet & save its not reflecting in target file wats the solution for this

    4. Select the cell in the target sheet and hit F2 key. If you see a formula with reference to the source sheet and the source cell, then your link should be OK. In this case check to make sure that you have auto calculation on.
      If there is no reference to the source sheet that means you didn’t paste the link properly.

    5. Very simple. I was trying to do this. Thanks for the help.

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